Production Facilities

SPI have a robust infrastructure, well facilitated with sophisticated manufacturing facilities. We are manufacturing a wide range of Veterinary. Human care and Cosmetics products etc. Different categories are processed in separate sections of the manufacturing unit. Each section is fully equipped with latest scientific machinery and various technological advancements. We have recently constructed a new state of the art technology with human small volume injectable line in the SPI premises , it will commence very soon.Our entire manufacturing facilities are as per the Saudi GMP norms.

Stores Space:

The company has good facilities in the stores department. Our facility assigns separate quarantine area for the new coming items which verifies the usage of that item after completing the required tests by the quality control department. Also we have separate stores for released raw materials, packaging materials, labels and finished products also. Store Spaces

The flow of material and personnel between the production and stores are carried out under strict system supported by suitable documentation system.

 Our stores are air conditioned and well ventilated to protect the quality of our products & raw materials.